Saturday, June 30, 2007

Woman wins spot on CBS' `Brother'
By Lewis Taylor
The Register-Guard
Published: Friday, June 29, 2007

The third time was the charm for Kail Harbick, a 37-year-old real estate broker from McKenzie Bridge, who has been picked as one of 14 contestants slated to appear on the CBS reality show "Big Brother 8." The program debuts at 8 p.m. Thursday.

"She has been a fan of the show forever and thought it would be real fun to go in and try and win," said Harbick's husband, Darin.

Together, the couple own the Historical Holiday Farm Resort, Harbick's Country Store, Harbick's Country Inn and Takoda's Restaurant. Kail Harbick applied for the show twice before but was turned down. The winner of the reality game show will take home $500,000.

"Right now, she's got a one in 14 chance," Darin Harbick said.

"Those are better odds than the lottery."

The news of Harbick's selection appeared in the entertainment news source Variety. She was identified as the only married member of the cast. Darin Harbick said his wife's business skills would increase her chances of success on the show.

"She didn't think she could do `Survivor,' she didn't think she could do `Amazing Race,' but she thought this could be something she could have a chance at," he said.

The Harbicks, who met at McKenzie High School, have three children and have been married for 17 years. Darin Harbick plans to screen "Big Brother 8" on TV sets at the family's two restaurants.

"They can put whatever spin they want on each person," he said. "Hopefully she gets portrayed the way she is, which is pretty fun and good."

If Kail Harbick takes home "Big Brother's" big prize, don't expect to see her in a new car. She plans to use the money to pay down business debts, her husband said.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Diane Henry BB5 Speaks about BB8

Location: Hollywood, CA
Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 4:18 pm
Post subject: by request of some guy named's me Diane

Hey everyone, or at least anyone who's left here and not addicted to do all do? My best friend Todd just got the strangest email saying that if I did not post a message soon than the the website would explode, here I am. I am sorry for not being around so much guys, but I do not have regular access to the internet, and I am just not really on it anymore. ..and if I am I normally check my email and myspace and that's it, so anyone who wants to talk to me, please don't write my friends, just message me and I will do my very best to write back. If the website does go under than all I can say is that it was an honor to get to know most of you and a hell of an experience! And may we all chat again somewhere else. As I am sure you know...this website isn't even mine. Ok so now with that outta the way....I'm sure you are all dying for an update.
So this may be choppy, but I'll do my best. I am still here in L.A. having fun....not trying to be an actress, just trying to find my true passion and go for it....which I do believe is sports....NFL football to be that is my current goal, to work in it somehow. Other than that I am currently just doing personal asst work for a great boss who is the only person that will let me take time off for like 5 trips I have to take in the next 3 months.......going to be in these cities in the next few months in case anyone is close and wants to have a cocktail......Vegas, San Fransisco, Miami, Hawaii, and possibly back to Miami then home for Christmas, so things are gonna get real busy for me. As of the very moment I just spend my time trying to work, and hanging out with my friends and roommates, going to baseball games, dinners....just livin it up in LA. Had a $3000 dollar dinner last night which was pretty interesting....hanging out with lots of crazy ass people.....get to hang out with Boogie as much as we can, still talk to Nakomis regularly, talked to Drew and Ben on their Bday.....Drew's still as boring as ever LOL, jt.......Marcellas and I are very good to see James, Danielle, and Kaysar not to long ago....gonna try to see Alison in Miami, talked to Scott the other night, he's doing great, Lori moved to north Carolina in Feb and broke my heart Sad cried like 2 children at the airport......cowboy texted the other day but haven't got a chance to get back to I missing anyone? As for my love life, yes there is someone super special to me and that's all I'll say about that Wink and most importantly........I know a huge BB secret for the show this year!!!!!!!!! but I can't tell....all I'll say is that some will puke and some will cheer....your call.

Gotta go, it was hard enough to write this lol,

Cast list leaked from a call sheet

Big Brother News

This Cast list is vague in some areas but confirms some of the internet rumors. It looks like there will be some kind High School theme and out of the players listed they are all Reality TV newbies. CBS is trying to diversify the ethnicity and age categories of the house guests in hopes of broadening there viewer base, this is a good move and should make for some entertaining television. All in all I wish we had some pictures but I guess that has to wait till July.

I still think CBS is going to pull some tie in with Pirate Master to help that shows slumping ratings. Its a given that we’ll be seeing Janelle on the show in some form, hopefully playing more of a roll than simple contest Host. There is that rumor running around that Janelle will take on some kind of house “DEAN” roll, which would play along with BB8 school theme, but at this point its still extreme speculation.



Tara Bourke - young good looking - youngest houseguest
Tiffany Dalton - middle age woman
Rodger (No last name)- older Asian male. Teacher at some school, possibly a teacher of one of the other players
Carol Ricardi - older woman (mother figure)
Gabby Ngyugen - young Asian girl.
Amanda Adams - late twenties blonde woman. Former cheerleader
Mitchell “Mitchy” Vance- young male.
Robby Williams or Wallace - young male.
Jared Pfifer - Spanish
David Mertz - age = forties
Andi (no last name) - blonde girl early twenties
Morgan (no last name) -older gay male
Melanie (no last name) - no information. .
Unidentified male, STILL COULD BE ROB MARIANO or K-FED

Some house guests know each other from high-school. Here is a list of names that were from the same high school.

David + Carol
Robie + jarred
Mitchell + Amanda
Gabby + Tara know

Nudity On Big Brother 8 “After Dark”

Big Brother News

Big Brother is going balls-out in its return this summer– literally– as CBS simultaneously launches an almost-uncensored spin-off series on cable. Big Brother: After Dark will feature a live, unedited feed from the “Big Brother” house, three three hours a night (midnight til 3 am ET/PT) on ShoToo, Showtime’s widely available companion net.

With so many cameras in the house capturing multiple storylines, an online producer will decide which camera views audiences will see. But producers are making it clear that profanity and nudity will be allowed. Up until Big Brother season 5 in 2004, nudity was allowed on the show’s webcast on

While most contestants did a good job hiding their naked bodies from the cameras, four notable contestants went full frontal: 35 year old restaurant hostess Tonya Paoni, 22 year old retail manager Allison Irwin, 26 year old bartender and winner of BB3 Lisa Donahue, and the most nudity came from 23 year old real estate appraiser Amy Crews, who frequently walked around the house completely naked. The new season begins July 5th.

Grodner Makes Big Promises to Die-Hard Big Brother Fans


big brother news

CBS still hasn’t revealed the details of this summer’s new Big Brother twists, however executive producer Alison Grodner predicts at least one of the eighth-season changes will become an instant favorite with the long-running summer reality show’s viewers.

“This year, there will be something die-hard fans will love,” Grodner teased to Daily Variety about a new still-undisclosed play-along-at-home component that will be part of Big Brother 8. “It will give them the opportunity to participate even more than they have in the past.”

Big Brother 8 will premiere on Thursday, July 5 at 8PM ET/PT. After its debut, the show will air on Sundays and Thursdays at 8PM ET/PT and Tuesdays at 9PM ET/PT.

However although Big Brother 8 a thrice-weekly similar broadcast schedule to what the the show’s last six seasons have used, Big Brother’s eighth season will be more omnipresent than usual. In addition to its thrice-weekly CBS broadcasts, Big Brother 8’s broadcast run will also include Big Brother: After Dark, a new 12AM to 3AM ET spinoff that will air nightly on Showtime Too. Big Brother: After Dark will feature footage from the same live camera feeds that are made available to subscribers of the show’s 24/7 live Internet feeds.

“The show has always been kind of ubiquitous, even before it became cool to do that,” CBS reality programming and new media head Ghen Maynard told Variety. “This year, there are going to be some new things that make the show even more ubiquitous and interactive.”

In addition to its After Dark spinoff and the live, streaming Internet feeds
that the show has featured since its initial Summer 2000 season, CBS is also planning to give Big Brother fans the opportunity to monitor and influence activity in the Los Angeles-area house via text messaging, according to Variety.

Similar to soaking in some sun at the beach or playing a game of wiffle ball in the backyard, Grodner believes that, after seven years, the long-running CBS reality series has become a staple of summer.

“It’s not just about sitting down and watching television,” Grodner told Variety. “We’re a summer event that’s always with you. I don’t think any other show has that sort of reach.”

Despite the extended outreach to big Big Brother fans, Maynard told Variety “good storytelling” will continue to be the show’s focus when the newest houseguests find themselves living together over the course of a few months while trying to claim the $500,000 prize.

“It’s important to make sure you don’t betray the vision of the show,” he told Variety. “If you do too many tricks or stunts, you betray that.”